The term “diet” generally has negative connotations and brings to mind images of someone eating celery and drinking water. However, a more exact definition of diet is the type of food a person regularly consumes. Your diet may consist of oatmeal for breakfast, an apple and peanut butter for a snack, a salad for lunch, and a form of meat, rice or potatoes, and vegetables for dinner. This may not cause you to lose weight; your diet should be about maintaining weight.

For most people, though, this daily form of eating is not typical. We tend to want something new or different every day. These new foods may be higher in calories than what we ate the day before, which makes our bodies work harder than they should. The experts at Svelte, a medical weight loss center in Orlando, would like to share the following information with you concerning which foods to eat and which to avoid to keep your weight under control – in other words, to maintain a healthy diet.

By following these easy food guidelines, it is possible to lose weight without changing your eating habits substantially. For a more structured diet plan, call 407-804-5200 to speak with the medical weight loss professionals in Orlando at Svelte.