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The importance of Proteins and Good Carbohydrates

What You Should Know About Proteins and Carbohydrates

Interesting tips about proteins, good carbohydrates, and bad carbohydrates.


Not eating enough protein daily can cause muscle weakness and decrease in your immune system.

Protein stimulates the glucagon hormone. This hormone helps release stored carbohydrates from the liver to maintain adequate blood sugar.

To sum it up “Puts the breaks on excess insulin”.

Good Carbohydrates

These come from our fruits and vegetables.

Needed for proper brain functioning.

Break down in our blood stream.

Stores in our muscle and liver.

Bad Carbohydrates

White breads, pasta, sweets

Harder for the body to break down

Converts into fat

Excess carbohydrates make us fat and keep us fat!

Spikes insulin levels in blood stream which causes hunger, cravings and fatigue.

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