• Central Florida Weight Loss Plans

    Svelte Medical Weight Loss offers more than a traditional weight loss clinic. Because their program is based on medical data, their patients are more likely to lose weight and keep it off rather than experiencing a rapid drop in weight that returns as quickly as it left. The Orlando weight loss programs at Svelte are designed to enhance your energy levels by stabilizing your blood sugar. When your body is not craving sugar, you are less likely to feel hungry. Below are several factors that affect weight that you should consider.
    • Support: Many diets fail because of lack of support. When an individual is solely responsible for his or her own weight loss, the temptation to cheat is tremendous. Weekly monitoring of patient weight by a trained Svelte diet coach stimulates patients to succeed more quickly. Even better, a diet coach can answer questions, work through frustrating eating habits, and recommend methods to keep clients on track.
    • Hydration: Your body is designed to monitor the precise amount of water it needs to run smoothly. If you feel thirsty, your body has already entered the first stage of dehydration. Denying yourself water harms cells and tissues, and can even affect your good health. A healthy amount of water will ensure your blood is not too thick. More water in the body also means a better supply of blood that is more capable of delivering nutrients to cells and waste materials away from cells throughout the body. For dieters, water is key in carrying adipose (fat) to the liver to be broken down and used as the body’s fuel.
    • Fasting: Svelte’s weight loss strategy focuses on blood sugar levels. Sometimes the body needs a break from excessive sugars and carbohydrates to repair and reset itself. By abstaining from sugar and carbs one day a week, you give your liver the stimulation it deserves to begin gluconeogenesis (the breakdown of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources), which aids in weight loss. This type of fasting will not make you hungry and forces your body to develop alternate fat-burning routes for energy consumption.
    Svelte’s many Orlando weight loss programs are designed to enable almost any client who wishes to lose weight, from adolescents to those with serious medical issues. Our staff will recommend a weight loss strategy for you that will stabilize your blood sugar levels and help you to lose weight and keep it off. Call 407-804-5200 today to learn about a Svelte weight-loss program designed specifically for you.