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Dieting During the Holidays

dieting during the holidays

christmas-cookies-1051884_1920How to Diet During the Holidays

Dieting during the holidays can be tricky. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s have one thing in common: they are celebrated with rich and delectable foods. Svelte knows staying on a weight reduction plan during the holidays is difficult, so their Orlando weight loss clinics present a number of ways to maintain your weight loss program while not feeling cheated.

Your Holiday Dieting Plan

Pack for dieting success:

Traveling should not include a string of fast-food restaurants. Instead, pack fruits, salad, and low-calorie snacks to keep you going between home and your destination. This preparation will save calories and hard-earned dollars. Additionally, pack clothes that celebrate your success and show off your new size, not loose-fitting clothing.

Don’t base your vacation on eating:

Seeing relatives you are unable to visit frequently usually involves sitting around the table with a good meal. Monitor the portion size and quality of foods you are consuming.Choose a baked potato over mashed, for instance. When the meal is finished and clean up is complete, extend the visit with a walk around the block or in a nearby shopping center.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Consider it a “buffet,” not an “all-you-can-eat extravaganza”:

Eat until you are full, not until you feel you’ve eaten your money’s worth. Fill up on salad and water first, then eat a lean cut of meat or fish and have a light dessert. Motels that offer continental breakfasts lead to the same trap. Rather than overeating, choose a breakfast that contains a balance of proteins, such as eggs or Canadian bacon; carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal or granola; and a minimum of fats and refined sugars.

Foodie paradise:

Rather than sampling the city’s restaurants, check out their local farmers’ markets. You can come home with fresh, locally grown produce, milk, and meat to prepare your own meals as you support the economy. Many cities now offer restaurants with local or organic ingredients to satisfy your hunger while maintaining the promise you made of improving your health.

Eat carbs early in the day:

It is much easier to maintain your diet goals if you primarily consume carbohydrates for breakfast or lunch. At dinner, load up on proteins to keep you fuller longer as well as vegetables and salads to round out the meal.

Knowing your limitations is key to sticking to your dietary goals. If you feel cheated while everyone else is eating a piece of pie, then go ahead and eat a thin slice also. This small cheat will help you feel satisfied. Follow your Svelte guidelines and appointment schedule to ensure your success. Call the Orlando weight loss team at Svelte Medical Weight Loss today at 407-804-5200 and read our blogs for more ideas on how to make your diet work.

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