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Why Svelte Weight Loss is For You

Is Svelte Right For You?

With the overwhelming amount of weight loss programs on the market today, trying to choose one can be a daunting process. To attain the ideal weight for your body, you need the combination of a healthy and balanced diet, and a good exercise regimen. Svelte Weight Loss program does just that, helping you meet your Orlando weight loss goals. Here are reasons why the Svelte program works.

Medically Supervised

Svelte Weight Loss Center specializes in providing comprehensive, medically supervised Orlando weight loss programs that utilize a combination of proven techniques, including supplements and vitamin and mineral injections, which help patients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having your weight loss monitored by a doctor is safer and more effective than the numerous fad diet plans, many of which don’t deliver on their promises.


  • Improves Your Metabolism: The core focus of the Svelte Weight Loss program is to lower insulin levels in your body since insulin production plays a large role in weight gain and loss. When insulin levels are in check, your metabolism can function optimally, preventing the body from storing fat and helping you to effectively lose weight and keep it off. The Svelte diet includes foods that don’t cause insulin levels to spike.
  • Weekly Check-ins: Svelte Weight Loss requires weekly check-in visits to track progress and keep the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body at a healthy amount. Tracking progress ensures the weight loss plan is working and allows for adjustments to be made, if necessary. Knowing you will be coming in each week also provides more motivation and incentive, keeping you committed to the program.
  • Equips You to Keep Weight Off: Once you achieve your desired weight loss, you’re put in a transitional phase that helps ease you into a life of healthy choices. You’ll slowly be taken off your medications and injections in order to allow your body to keep your metabolism up on its own. You’re taught effective exercise techniques, healthy eating habits, and how to curb sugar cravings, all critical in helping you maintain your new weight.
  • Continued Support: Since support often counts for a large percentage of weight loss success stories, weekly check-ins continue after you’ve reached your ideal weight in order to provide you with continued support.


More than 90% of Svelte patients have met and maintained their weight loss goals, and we’d love to help you reach yours. If you’re looking for a proven Orlando weight loss program that’s helped many people lose weight, contact Svelte Weight Loss Center online today, or call (407) 804-5200.

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