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10 Weight Loss Tips to Help You Meet Your Goals

weight loss tips to help you meet your goals

Ten Tips to Help You Lose Weight

The majority of people want to lose weight whether it be 10 pounds or 100. Coming up with your weight loss goals and creating a plan of action is not where the real struggle lies. The hardest part of meeting your weight loss goals, and keeping the pounds off, is your day to day life.

Every day presents you with new challenges and knowing how to deal with them can be tough. There are a few things that, if done on a regular basis, will assist you in your weight loss journey. These things will make your successful days outnumber your cheat days, and shedding pounds easy.

  1. Keep track: Research shows that those who keep track of what they eat and drink everyday are more successful at losing weight than those who don’t.
  2. Motivate yourself: Buying yourself a pair of pants or a dress that is a couple sizes too small will motivate you to stay on top of your weight loss goals. Finally being able to fit into them will be a huge reward.
  3. Exercise: Research shows that those who do simple exercises, such as walking or biking, lose more weight more quickly than those who don’t.
  4. Clean out your pantry: Are there a few unhealthy snacks lingering around your pantry or refrigerator? Don’t sabotage yourself, get rid of these foods immediately.
  5. Keep produce on hand: Keeping a bowl of prepared vegetables in your refrigerator to munch on when you get hungry or while preparing meals will take the edge off and help you stay on track.
  6. Practice the rule of 1: Allowing yourself to eat one high calorie food per day, such as 1 cookie or 1 fun size candy bar, will not completely ruin your efforts and it will relieve the cravings.
  7. Pace yourself: Concentrate on eating more slowly. Your body will have an easier time registering that you’re full before you’ve overeaten.
  8. Eat at the table: Dine at the table, not at the fridge, in the car or on the couch. This is how poor eating habits are formed.
  9. Get plenty of rest: Scientists have found that sleep deprivation increases a hunger hormone and decreases the hormone that lets you feel full. These effects could easily result in weight gain.
  10. Reward yourself: Set incremental weight loss goals, like 5 pounds. When you meet these goals reward yourself with something, not food, like a CD or a movie night.

With these weight loss tips in mind, your goal weight will be much more attainable.

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