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Experience Liberty Park in Lake Mary, FL

One of the calmest and prettiest Parks in the Lake Mary Sanford Area, located on 455 N Country Club Rd, Lake Mary, FL. It’s a quiet natural retreat on the shore of East Crystal Lake and is the perfect weekend of afternoon getaway for an individual or family and friends. Usually the park is never busy, often times you may have it all to yourself.

Liberty Park features awesome amenities such as an Open play field where you could play Frisbee, Soccer, Football or whatever else you could want. It’s a great opportunity for families to connect and for the kids to kill some of their seemingly endless energy.

Relax and lay back or have a bite to eat in on of the amble Pavilions or the covered Picnic tables nearby. It’s a great place to get deep into a good book. If you’d rather stand while you relax, the Park has access to Lakeshore fishing. A fun and scenic activity. Plus, the Lilly pads make a great hideout for Large Mouth Bass.

If you’re really hungry, bring some hot dogs or some veggie burgers and help yourself to the BBQ Grills. Then hit the nature trail after to burn off those calories with a slow stroll or a jog. It’s a great trail for a walk with a pet too, just please pick up after your furry friend!

There are a few small bridges and paved walkways throughout the Park, where you may encounter a variety of birds, even birds of prey.

Remember to take into account weather conditions. On hot summer days, sunscreen and water are a must! Don’t forget picnic blankets, BBQ food, coal, and lighters. Bring some hats and a good book too!

Parking is available but limited, which usually isn’t a problem due to how vacant the Park normally is.

Clean restroom are made available for your convenience during operating hours which are from 7:15 to sunset.

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