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Learn about the Lake Mary Farmers Market

Take a Trip down to the Lake Mary Farmers Market! You will not be disappointed. It’s all age appropriate fun! You can find it by Central Park near the Lake Mary City hall. There is even access via Sunrail. Open from 9am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays, vendors get up early to set up their booths that sell all kinds of delicious foods and more!

There are many great booths for example the one set up by the Morris Family Farmers, at that booth alone you can pick up Chicken, beef, pork, beef bones, eggs, Amish butter, fruits, vegetables, and astoundingly large carrots! Getting the freshest and healthiest food possible really makes a difference in your cooking! But a Steak you don’t have to feel guilty about cooking!

You can buy the best Bread, Cheese, Treats, or Honey in the area! And not just the food: There are booths that sell candles, essential oils even plants and jewelry.

So come on down! Get an early Bring your Friends, bring your Family, but most importantly bring some appetite and enthusiasm! The vendors there are some of the friendliest and sweetest people you will ever meet. Pro tip: Don’t expect to find a bargain here. Know your Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Trader Joe’s Prices before you go. It will be a good point of reference!

But don’t feel obligated to spend anything, the vendors hand out tasters and samples of their most delicious food on a regular basis.

Also, after your done shopping for the healthiest, most delicious foods in town, or for the coolest most authentic jewelry and crafts, there are many awesome shops and restaurants within walking distance of the market for you to check out. Among the favorites is the authentic Royals Tea Room, busy on Saturdays so make a reservation.

Some people wish the Lake Mary Farmer Market were bigger, but I think it’s the perfect one stop shopping you can do, and it really adds to the charm, all I can tell you for sure is you have to go check it out. Explore the Central Florida Zoo

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