salmon-518032_19201Not all oils are created equally. Omega-3 essential fatty oils are much better for the body than saturated fats, but not all Omega-3 fats are the same. As a matter of fact, the essential fatty acids that propel Omega-3 fatty acids above other forms of fat are EPA, DHA, and ALA. Orlando weight loss experts, Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers, recognize these important elements and ensure their supplements contain these nutrients to balance your dietary needs.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss, your Orlando weight loss expert, is aware of the difference in Omega-3 fatty acids. Their supplements contain ALA and its successors EPA and DHA. Be sure to contact the experts at Svelte at 407-804-5200 to ask them about their supplements and products. The blogs on their website give the latest information on dieting, lifestyle changes, and weight loss.