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Insulin Stability Therapy & Weight Loss

insulin stability therapyAll About Insulin Stability Therapy and Weight Loss

For many Americans, the diagnosis of diabetes raises many questions concerning the disease, especially the question of whether diabetes is curable. Until recently, doctors told every diabetic patient that even if it is controlled with diet and exercise, diabetes was a lifelong condition. Research also indicates that a diagnosis of diabetes shrinks the average lifespan by 11-14 years. Svelte, your Orlando weight loss clinic, is excited to share the following information with you concerning Type-2 diabetes and weight loss; diabetes can be reversed with insulin stability!

Many people suffering from diabetes have lost weight, some of them great amounts of weight with no change in their blood sugar levels. What’s the catch? Apparently, their diets are not properly balanced to change the course of diabetes. In fact, the answer lies not in caloric intake, not in blood sugar levels, but in the reduction of insulin resistance. Here’s how it works:

  • Every time you eat carbohydrates, they are broken down to simple sugars, such as glucose.
  • Glucose enters the bloodstream and is picked up by insulin, a hormone that moves the glucose from the bloodstream into cells, which use the glucose as a source of energy.
  • In diabetics, either not enough insulin is produced, or the available insulin is not used effectively.
  • Without insulin to deliver glucose to the cells, the blood builds up an excessive amount of sugar.

The resistance of insulin to pick up glucose and deliver it to the cells can be stopped with a reduced-calorie, nutrient-balanced diet containing 40% carbohydrates (110 grams), 30% protein (82 grams), and 30% fat (45 grams). In the study, diabetics were given three shakes daily as meal replacements. The shakes provided 1,100 calories a day and the 40-30-30 nutrient balance. Within only four days, all indications of insulin resistance had disappeared; the body had reset itself and insulin was now delivering glucose to the cells!

Reducing caloric intake does give the body fewer carbohydrates to break down into glucose, allowing insulin to work at a less hectic rate, but the true hero of this story is reversing insulin resistance. Learn how Svelte, the Orlando weight loss leaders, can improve your insulin resistance issues. Even if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes, you may still suffer from insulin resistance, which leads to difficulty losing weight. Browse our website to read informative blogs on weight loss, diet plans that work, and health issues, and call our specialists at 407-804-5200.

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