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Activities at Derby Park Sanford FL

The Derby Park in the Sanford/ Lake Mary Area is probably one of the coolest places you can go.

Why? Soap Box Racing! The most classic and pure form of Family fun.

Go back to a time where Mom Dad and kids would work together in a garage to create the ultimate downhill racer!

Soap box Derby events and Championships have been an annual treat since the 1930s.

In these simpler times it was the highlight of the year to race against neighbors and friends in this downhill challenge.

The traditional Soap Box racer car was build from Apple or Soap crate boxes, hence the name, and had roller-skate wheels attached to them, but due to the innovative and competitive nature of mankind, they soon became much more refined, and much faster.

In a world were we harness so much energy, turning fuel into horsepower or electrons into Gigawatts of power it is so refreshing to have a competitive and fun activity that solely relies on on of the most basic physical principles we all encounter everyday.

I’m of course speaking of Gravity. These racers have nothing to propel them forward, or rather downward, than the constant pull of gravity and their own will to win!

So come by to Derby Park and soak in all the history and excitement Soap Box racing has to offer.

If you want more than just a visit, call 407.668.5103. The Park rents out Shelters with Amenities like Water, Electricity, and Restrooms.

There are Multiple play areas set up for kids between the ages of 2 and 5, as well as another for kids ages 5 to 12.

In the vicinity of the park there is also access to BBQ Grills (bring some coal and burger patties) where you can cook up something delicious while you watch the Soap Box cars zoom by.

Water Fountain and Benches are provided for your convenience, as well as plenty of open Green space for games and picnics, a Fitness Area, and even a Volleyball Court.

Discover the Black Bear Wilderness Area

It doesn’t get any more family friendly than this!

So what are you waiting for, come hang out at this awesome location, or call 407-688-5000 to race a Soap Box car yourself!

  • Bring your Family
  • Bring your Friends
  • Take your Dog for a walk
  • Plan Birthday Parties
  • Have a Picnic

Derby Park is located at 2199 Oregon Avenue, just North of Lake Mary.

-Opens 7 AM to 7 PM.

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