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Learn More About the Black Bear Wilderness Area in Sanford, Florida

Locals in Lake Mary, Sanford, and anywhere else around the Seminole State forest have been gravitating towards the amazing Black Bear Wilderness natural hiking trail for years!

Come on down to one of Seminole Counties most amazing natural lands to find out why.

Famous for some of the best bird and wildlife watching in it’s region, the Black Bear Wilderness Trailhead located in the Black Bear Wilderness Area, will not fail to amaze a true nature lover.

On the lovely hiking trails in the preserve you are likely to find bear paw prints, scratched up trees where black bears would stop to sharpen their claws, and if you lucky, even see a bear or two wandering happily through it’s natural environment.

It’s an amazing getaway for Families, Friends, Solo hikers and anyone else who can appreciate the beauty Florida’s Nature and Wildlife has to offer.

On arrival at the Black Bear Wilderness Area, you are faced with a few choices on which trail you would like to pursue.

The original round trip is a 2 Mile journey through a clearly marked trail, the highlight being and overlook on the scenic St. Johns River.

For the more seasoned hiker, there is a 7.1 Mile trail option. It does also cover the original hiking trail, but this one also levees out to many other trails towards the St. Johns River.

While this trail overall is covered in the protective shade of the natural trees and other vegetation, there are some steep and slippery inclines.

A Hiking Stick is strongly recommended!

This trail is known as one of the wildest around Orlando!

Be ready for adventure and animal encounters, ranging from Squirrels, Boars, Bear and everything in between.

The Black Bear Wilderness Trailhead is located on 5298 Michigan Ave, Sanford FL 32771.

Visit or call (407)665-0000 for any inquiries you may have.

With the amount of wildlife you are very likely to encounter on this trail you might want to grab a bite to eat before your adventure and keep your packed lunches at home.

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