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Consider The Crayola Experience in Orlando, Florida

Create Your Own Crayola Experience Orlando

The Crayola Experience Orlando is housed inside The Florida Mall and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Inside the Crayola Experience are 26 hands-on attraction arranged in a 70,000 square-foot area on two floors.

This is typically a family attraction, although anyone is welcome, of course. Plan to spend three to four hours to enjoy every activity.

This is also a place that hosts birthday parties, group outings, educational field trips, and special events.

Here’s a partial list of the activities:
Wrap It Up. You can personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label. It gets wrapped around your chosen crayon, producing a totally unique Crayola crayon.

Crayon Factory. A live theater show demonstrates how crayons are made, why they are special, and some little known facts about them.

Modeling Madness. You can roll, mold, blend, and swirl your own colors and sculpt colorful creations.

Art Alive. Create pieces of art digitally and then watch as they are projected onto a wall and become part of a scene.

You can touch the wall and see components of your drawing come to life—your butterflies will fly and your fish will swim.

Toddler Town. Tiny children enjoy this station where there’s a giant multi-colored pegboard and ball maze.

Colossal Caddy. It’s just that—the biggest caddy you have ever seen that hold literally thousands of crayons.

You can reach in and select any of those thousands and color a picture on the spot.

Say Crayola.” This is a green screen photo booth where you can grab a friend, hold a person-sized Crayola, snap a pic, select a background, and print out your photo.

Be a Star. This is another photo booth where kids can produce a coloring page that has their own image rendered alongside Crayola characters.

Doodle in the Dark. You guess it—this activity happens in a darkened room. Here kids can doodle digitally on backlit screens and enjoy neon, glow-in-the-dark colors.

Scribble Square. Forget coloring inside the lines. Here kids get to color outside the lines with chalk or dry-erase crayons on the miniature town’s house, tree, car, or dog.

Color Playground. It’s just that—a playground. There’s a climbing tower, bouncing bridge, slide, crawl tube, and more.

Color Magic. Kids can color a picture and then watch the character come to life on a screen.

Bluetiful. Look at the world’s largest Crayola crayon. It weights 1,352 pounds and is 15.6 feet long. Bluetiful commemorates the latest color to be added to the Crayola palette.

This color was discovered in an Oregon State lab by Chemistry professor Mas Subramanian. The new color name was chosen from 90,000 name ideas submitted.

Café Crayola. When all the coloring has whipped up your appetite, recharge at the onsite café with pizza, salad, gluten-free fare, etc.

Café Stage. While you’re recharging at Café Crayola, enjoy a show that lets you in on the history and science behind Crayola products.

Drip Art. Too fun: melt crayons, spin the wax, and create mega-cool masterpieces of swirling, whirling colored lines.

And more!

The Details

Location: Inside The Florida Mall, 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Tickets: $22.99 (at the door); $19.99 (online)

Annual Pass: $29.99


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