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iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Orlando, Florida

Interested in iFLY Indoor Skydiving?

Bodyflight—it’s a growing new sport genre of indoor skydiving in which you float on a cushion of air without a parachute, harness, or cords connecting you to the ceiling.

Competitive indoor skydiving is similar to competitive outdoor skydiving in which athletes complete maneuvers in freestyle or formation, as teams or as individuals.

You can experience bodyflight at Orlando’s iFLY Indoor Skydiving facility.

Indoor skydiving, or bodyflight, occurs in a vertical wind tunnel. Fans at the top of the wind tunnel draw air vertically up through the flight chamber and then direct it across the top of the building (above the ceiling), down the sides of the building (between an inner and outer wall), across the bottom of the building (under the floor) and back up the middle of the flight chamber.

The technology used in drawing and directing the air results in a smooth column of air in the flight chamber that allows people to fly.

Orlando’s iFLY is located at 8969 International Drive. Almost anyone ages 3 to 103 can fly if they are in reasonable health (except people who weigh over 300 pounds and pregnant women). iFLY recommends that folks with prior shoulder dislocations do not fly, and that people with back, neck or heart problems check with a doctor first.

Bodyflight participants should schedule a flight time and arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the reservation. The check-in process includes completing a waiver and receiving a flight wristband.

A certified flight instructor trains participants in proper flight body positions and hand signals. Then participants suit up in helmet, goggles, and flight suit.

Next comes the flight experience in the chamber. The instructor accompanies participants throughout the flight experience, then leads you out of the chamber to de-gear.

Flights in the wind tunnel last 60 seconds. (Consider that when jumping out of a plane, the free-fall portion last about 45 seconds.) Participants are not permitted to do tricks such as twists, turns, and somersaults. Flyers with advanced skills are able to turn and move up and down and forward and backward.

iFLY offers a Flight School for kids ages 4-16. Student learn safety procedures, proper use of gear, and how to fly.

The Details

Location: 8969 International Drive, Orlando

Cost: 2 flights for 1 person: from $69.95 (see website for more packages)

Phone: 407.337.4359


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