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Paula Lost 69 Pounds With Svelte!

Paula Taylor Lost 69 Pounds with Svelte! Hello, my name is Paula Taylor and I’ve been on the Svelte diet since October of last year. Managed to lose 69 pounds! Woohoohoo! Wake up every morning and cannot wait to get out of bed. Before I just wanted to sit around, do nothing. I used to […]

Stephanie Lost 68 Pounds With Svelte!

Stephanie Lost 68 pounds with Svelte! I’m Stephanie and I started with the program in the last week of November, right after Thanksgiving. I’ve lost 68 pounds, officially, and I lost 12.5 before that, and so that’s a total of 75. I have.. I’m about halfway to my goal, which is another 75 or 80 […]

Summer Lost 60 Pounds With Svelte!

Summer Lost 60 Pounds with Svelte! Hi my name is Summer. I’m one of the medical assistants here at Svelte. I’ve lost 60 pounds in four and a half months. It’s great. I feel much better now. I run around with my kids with no problem, because I used to have terrible joints and limped […]

Jessica Lost 61 Pounds With Svelte!

  Jessica Lost 61 Pounds with Svelte! Hi, my name is Jessica. I’ve lost 61 pounds with Svelte. I heard about it from a friend, who looks fabulous also. They just have a really supportive staff here and make you feel good about your goals. And now I can try on wedding dresses and get […]

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