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Summer Lost 60 Pounds With Svelte!

Summer Lost 60 Pounds with Svelte!

Hi my name is Summer. I’m one of the medical assistants here at Svelte. I’ve lost 60 pounds in four and a half months. It’s great. I feel much better now. I run around with my kids with no problem, because I used to have terrible joints and limped and all this terrible stuff, but now I feel absolutely wonderful not having the extra weight around. Playing with the kids and everything. I recommend this program because you feel great, you feel healthy. It’s normal food. And I recommend it to my family and my friends. I’ve seen tons of patients; tons of my own family lose weight and Svelte is a wonderful weight loss program. And it teaches you everything to do to maintain your weight.

Congratulations Summer, on your amazing transformation!

And if you would like to know more about the Svelte Weight Loss Plan, Contact Us today!

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