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Zoom Over to the Zoom Air Adventure Park

Fly through the sky at ZOOmAir Adventure Park in Orlando. Outdoor fun for the whole family!

Kids courses available for ages 4 and up and must be at least 36” to 60” to ride.

This course is a great confidence building exercise for youngsters who have the opportunity to climb, play and progress through the course with no intervention by parents at all!

Just their supervision. Parents walk alongside their kids as they climb.

The first Kids course is only about 4’ high, and ends with a very easy and low zip line!

For the more experienced young adventurers, there is a 10’ course that ends in a zip-line swing called the Kid’s Jungle.

For Adults there are 2 courses to tackle.

The first is called Upland, with a max height of 35 feet! Along the journey on Upland the path will branch out to easier and harder routes.

Halfway through there is a quick pit stop where you zip line down and have the opportunity go grab some food or drinks or go to the bathroom, and when you consider the course typically takes an hour and a half of hard work to complete, you may well need it!

Don’t underestimate any of the routes, they are all physically demanding to complete, and require cunning and power.

The second course is called Rainforest, and it’s not only more challenging, but also a lot higher than the first!

Just to begin the course you must overcome a 500 foot zip-line from a 50 foot elevation.

You are not aloud to take this course unless you have already completed Upland, and you must complete Upland the same day you go on this course.

So plan a 2 and a half hour total to complete both courses.

The ZoomAir Adventure park is located at the Central Florida Zoo & botanical gardens, which is in Sanford just North of Lake Mary.

The address is 3755 US-17, Sanford, FL 32771.

Coming from Orlando? If you’re on I-4 heading east, take exit 104 onto Highway 17-92.

Make a left at the end of the Exit ramp and ZOOmAir will be a 1/8 mile on your right hand side.

If you’re on the Central Florida Greenway aka 417, head north until you hit Sanford at I-4.

Then head East on I-4 and take exit number 104 for Highway 17-92, then ake a left at the end of the Exit ramp, follow the road and ZOOmAir will be a 1/8 mile on your right hand side.

Call ahead at 407-330-0767 to schedule your zip-line adventure tour!

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