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Weight Management Programs: A Good New Year’s Resolution?

Is Taking on a Weight Management Program a Good New Year’s Resolution?

Weight Management Programs. We hear a lot about them, but are they really worth the time and money it takes to follow one to the letter? Better yet, are they worth joining as part of your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?



Weight Management Programs can get a lot of undue flak, especially in the clinical field. The reason for this is because so many of the clinical weight loss programs only provide patients pills and heavy bills. Not so with Svelte MD.

You see, our program goes beyond simply popping a pill and calling it a day. While we do use medication as part of our program, we do so only as one step — it’s only one piece of a larger puzzle. Our specialists will keep track of your BMI, as well as your weight, and will develop meal plans, exercise routines, and more. The result is a wholly personal experience, and one that is designed to provide healthy, safe weight loss.



At the end of the day, weight loss programs are only as effective as you allow them to be. Even with a program like ours, if you do not dedicate yourself to changing the necessary problems you can control, no kind of regimen will help you lose weight.

Perhaps, when we get right down to it, you should make a different resolution for 2012…



This should be the communal resolution for all of us who need to manage our weight. It’s not enough to say we want to lose weight, or to enroll in a weight loss program. We need to truly want to lose weight. We need to want to lose weight more than we want that promotion, or a date with that cute guy at the gym.


Instead of making a resolution to join a weight loss program, make the resolution to want to lose weight. Get yourself mentally and emotionally prepared to do this. Once you’re ready to commit, follow the instructions on our homepage and let Svelte MD help you make good on your New Year’s resolution.

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