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Weight Loss – Why It’s So Important

The Importance of Weight Loss to a Healthy, Long Life

Weight Loss is of paramount importance if you want to lead a healthier, longer life. Even men and women who are not quite obese can still suffer from many health issues, all of which are caused by the unnecessary weight that is often viewed as being “too hard” to lose. Our advice is to stop waiting for the problem to take care of itself, before real problems emerge.

For instance, did you know that several types of common cancers have been found to carry a link with obesity? Researchers have discovered that as many as 25-30% of breast, throat, and stomach cancer cases are born out of obesity. If you live an otherwise healthy lifestyle that doesn’t lead to such diseases, why take the risk of living with obesity?

While the occurrence of cancer as a response to obesity is fairly rare, the real argument for losing weight lies in the several health problems obesity causes on a daily basis. Along with a general lack of energy, men and women suffering from obesity have to worry about heart failure, blocked arteries, weak knees and backs, sleep apnea and more. There is no advantage to being obese, so why not work towards losing that weight?


The best method for losing weight is to develop a regular exercise routine. Even if all you do is work out for 20 minutes a day, you’ll be doing your body so much good in the long run. Our advice is to start with something light, sit-ups or walking in place. These light exercises are the perfect way to ease into more beneficial forms of exercise, such as running or riding a bike.

Monitor Your Eating Habits

It is also extremely important that you change your dietary habits. Instead of eating large portions or meals during the day, focus on eating smaller portions of more nutritious foods more often during the day. You’d be surprised how a small sampling of grains and vegetables can fill you up when you’re hungry.

Take Business into Your Own Hands

The important thing is to learn self-control. Discipline is the secret ingredient to weight loss, and without it you’re in for a rough ride. To learn to manage your habits, schedule an appointment at a medical weight loss center. The professionals on staff will provide you with a great deal of information and advice on how to manage your weight.


If you feel you’re in danger of losing control of your weight, come into SvelteMD today. Start by simply fill out the form on our homepage to receive a consultation today!


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