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Weight Capsules: Do They REALLY Help You Lose Weight?

Do Weight Capsules Really Work?

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, which means most of us will be facing the pressure of keeping the pounds off while still enjoying our country’s second-most important holiday. If you’re like many of the patients we treat, your first reaction is probably to scramble to the nearest supplement retailer to invest in some diet pills. But, do these pills actually help people lose weight?



The most important question to ask is not whether diet pills will provide results; of course most do. The question should instead be: What happens once you stop taking the pills?

When it comes to losing weight, there’s more to it than simply burning through your fat using some pill. Keeping the weight off is much more important, and is a lot more difficult. You see, many diet pills do little more than diminish your appetite while speeding up your metabolism. While this does yield results it also causes your body to kick into overdrive once you stop taking the weight capsules. Your appetite will return with a vengeance, and your metabolism will normalize long before you know. This will result in expedited weight gain, and you’ll find yourself back at square one.



Let’s not beat around the bush: There is practically nothing that a pill can do for you that you cannot do better yourself. To achieve lasting, healthy weight loss it is important to remember that the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders. To keep a desired build you have to exercise, watch what you eat (and how much of it), and beat the psychological barriers that want to stop you from succeeding.

At Svelte MD, we are specialized in helping our patients with every facet of maintaining weight loss. Our levels of success are due in part to the fact that we know what to look for in our patients, as well as how to counter any issues they might have.



Our weight control specialists do more for our patients than dish out pills. While weight loss medication is a part of our program, we go several steps further by tackling the bigger issues behind your weight problem. We take regular BMI (Body Mass Index) measurements, around which we build a regimen that is basically unique to each patient we see. We prescribe the aforementioned medication, as well as diet plans that fit each situation we face.

Better than anything else we provide, we also offer solid, medically sound advice on changing the poor lifestyle choices that lead to the issue of weight gain from the very start.


If you’re thinking of resorting to pills to stave off weight gain, reconsider. Navigate to our homepage and register for your first consultation at Svelte MD today.

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