The One Thing All Weight Loss Success Stories Share

As a medical weight loss professional, I’ve seen and helped thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals. While some of them  have experienced amazing levels of success right away, others would return to my office after prolonged  periods of ‘diet backsliding’ completely frustrated. Trust me, it was frustrating for me as well. I hated to see months worth of effort taking a backseat to the return of bad eating habits.

I started to take notice of the patients who experienced a high level of weight loss success. Not surprising, there is a common denominator.

What Do All Weight Loss Success Stories Have in Common?

Clients who lose weight and keep it off have found their “why.” They have a deeper reason that goes beyond the rules or the “how to lose weight.” Numerous studies have been conducted on the rules of weight loss success. In fact, The National Weight Control Registry has identified key habits of successful weight loss. These rules include:

Unfortunately, rules without reasons will negate the best of efforts. Unless you find your deeper “why,” moments of weakness can quickly end up to days and even weeks of backsliding.

Weight Loss Solutions Start With Finding Your Why

So, how do you find your why? What’s the secret power that weight loss success stories share? It’s easier than you may think, but it’s highly personal. Everyone has their own reason. Here are some considerations:

These are just a few of the topics which may help you to find your “why.” I always encourage my patients to write down their goals and keep them somewhere they can go over them often. A journal documenting your progress, feelings, triumphs and reached goals is an ideal way to keep the vision of weight loss success fresh in your mind.

As you follow your health plan, you may be tempted to break out the calorie counter, the weight loss calculator, and follow a list of best foods for weight loss. While these are useful and certainly have their place, the best and most sure plan of action for weight loss success is your decision, and that begins with finding your “why.”