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Svelte Medical Weight Loss Announces Summer Special

svelte medical weight loss announces summer special

Summer Medical Weight Loss Special!

Svelte Medical Weight Loss has recently announced their summer medical weight loss special that will be available at all three offices. The summer special is a discount on new services provided at $199 rather than the regular price of $299. The only stipulation to receiving the discount is that the new clients must complete the Svelte Survey, which is a 14-question survey of simple weight management questions.

As stated before, the survey will be available to new clients at the Lake Mary, Dr. Phillips, and the East Orlando locations. Consultations with Dr. Bragg or a Svelte weight loss coach must be scheduled ahead of time. In addition to the discount, new clients are eligible to receive a free vitamin B12 fat burner shot to help aid in their weight loss journey.

“We love to offer new clients great discounts in the summer because summer is the most focused time to get healthy,” said Susie Bragg, Svelte Medical Weight Loss Practice Manager and Svelte Coach. “Our goal is to empower people to transform their health through teaching them about metabolism.”

Visit to take the Svelte Survey, and schedule your first appointment to learn more about the advantages of medical weight loss through a Svelte coach. Svelte offers the Svelte menu, which is a list of their packages and services pertaining to medical weight loss.

About Svelte Medical Weight Loss

Svelte Weight Loss Center provides clients with Orlando medical weight loss support, medically supervised weight loss programs and strategies to lose weight without surgery. Svelte Medical Weight Loss focuses on insulin stability levels. They help patients achieve this goal by directing them to eat foods that won’t spike their insulin level. Dr. Richard Bragg is a board-certified medical doctor that was trained and educated in the United States of America. He has already been his own patient for the Svelte Medical Weight Loss program, and he successfully lost over 40 pounds.

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