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Marcy Kraft’s Journey With Svelte Medical Weight Loss – Week 4

Marcy Kraft’s Weight Loss Journey: The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal Setting – A Foundation for Success

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Marcy is still going strong and has made it through the entire holiday season without falling back into unhealthy eating habits!

If you’ve been following Marcy’s weight loss journey here on our website, you know that Marcy is a ‘second time around’ client with Svelte Medical Weight Loss! We think that speaks volumes about Marcy’s determination, character, and also speaks of Svelte’s welcoming attitude to all our clients. We know how it feels to slip up, and when this happens with our clients, we are sure to welcome you with nothing but encouragement and an eagerness to get behind you again!

Marcy went through the Svelte Medical Weight Loss Program once before and then gained the weight back. Why? Because it’s difficult to break patterns and habits, especially when you’ve been practicing them for yours or decades. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Of course not! In fact, this time around, Marcy is experiencing confident and steady progress and we couldn’t be more proud!

One of the things Marcy is doing differently has to do with goal setting, both long and short term.

The Importance of Setting Goals for Your Weight Loss

Setting goals is vital to your success. We all need both long and short term goals to continually guide the way to our final destination: Healthy living and our ideal weight. What does this look like?

Long Term Goals

Long term goals should always be committed to paper. Write them down and keep them in places where you will look at them often. Your long term goal may be a final weight of 130 lbs or it may be ‘the ability to fit in that dress’ or the ability to run a mile in under 9 minutes. Whatever it is, write it down and work towards it.

How do you work towards it? Glad you asked! That’s where short term goals come into play. They are the fine details that take you to your long term goal. They look something like this: Drink a gallon of water each day. Stop eating after 7 pm. Commit to at least 20 minutes each day of “some kind of physical activity.”
Your short term goals don’t have to be burdensome or overly strict. Small changes lead to more small changes, and lead to big results over time!

If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey and join the Svelte family, give us a call today!


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