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Losing Pregnancy Pounds

Lose Those Pregnancy Pounds

Most mothers look forward to getting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, only to find that it is a long journey towards weight loss at a time where they don’t feel like they have time to breathe, let alone develop a weight loss plan. However, this is a pretty normal thing for many, and it is something that with a little time and effort, and some smart tips, can be done.

If you aren’t thinking about breastfeeding your baby, you may want to rethink that position. Not only is breastfeeding the most beneficial way to feed a newborn, there are benefits to the mother, as well. When a mother is pregnant, the body begins to store extra layers of fat- these stores are intended to enable the mother to breastfeed. Breastfeeding burns more calories than most work out plans, and the body knows this and gears itself up for that. When a mother does not breastfeed post partum, these layers of fat are much more difficult to burn off.

Healthy eating for a new mother is priority, though, breastfeeding or not. Adjusting to a new life with a newborn can be an emotionally and physically trying time. Hormonal changes make these adjustments even harder- eating on a schedule can help this. Fruits and vegetables are the snack of choice, helping to maintain a healthy eating habit and provide energy for a new mother- but it is also a great way to foster weight loss. If you do lapse into the all too common eating whenever you can, as opposed to making time to eat, you are more likely to just grab whatever is handy- and usually what ever is handy is not the healthiest choice.

Hydration is also a key element for new mother weight loss. Being able to flush the body of toxins, and help you feel your best while you are busy- water is a powerful choice in any weight loss plan. However, it is especially important for new mothers who will be trying to maintain adequate energy levels while caring for a newborn.

This may sound more difficult than it actually is- but making sure that you are getting enough rest during the post partum months is also pretty important to weight loss. When the body does not get enough rest, it is much harder for it to function efficiently- this means it cannot burn the calories and fat that it needs to. Being able to sleep whenever the baby sleeps, or whenever you are given the chance rather than getting up to make sure other things are done is an important part of early motherhood, whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

When you are in the post partum months, also consider that many of the routine activities in caring for a newborn infant burn alot of calories. That late night pacing the baby back to sleep takes care of quite a few, as does walking with a stroller or sling. Go easy on yourself, and you will find yourself back in your prepregnancy clothes in no time.

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