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Losing a large amount of weight

Things to Remember When You Want to Lose a lot of Weight

Losing a large amount of weight can be intimidating but if you are willing put in the hard work then you will one day lose all of the extra weight! The first step is to commit and that really is half the battle. Even if you have tried before and failed, that doesn’t mean anything. You can tough out anything and don’t let anything ever bring you down. It takes time to find the best weight loss plan, but when it does happen it just clicks.

So, the first two things to remember are commitment and the follow through. First you are going to need to commit to the weight loss. Write down your goals and how much weight you want to lose and then figure out the best plan. Finishing what you start will be beneficial in so many ways, so remember to fight for it also. If you have medical issues, it is important to consult with a doctor before committing to a plan. They could also be beneficial even if you don’t have any other health issues, because they can help you with your progress and stop you when there are other issues that may pop up along the way.

We are all different and have different reasons for weight gain. If you have tried many different ways and nothing had worked, there could be underlying issues that cause these weight problems. It is imperative to get the proper tests for this, especially if you are female. There could be thyroid issues or Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome that cause weight gain among other reasons, so covering all of the bases is important.

If you want to get started in a safe way then start by walking and then slowly but surely you will be able to build up your ability to do more. Maybe walking an hour a day will help you. Seeing the sights and listening to an MP3 player will help the time go by quickly like nothing even happened. For those with feet or hip problems, there are upper body exercises that you can do to help out.

It can be painful exercising, but toughing it out will help you get to the point where it no longer hurts. It begins to feel fantastic and some people even become addicted to exercising! Most weight loss programs require a certain level of patience and understanding that we are all humans and we all make mistakes sometimes. It is important to just chalk it up to experience and move on to the next task like nothing even happened so that you can lose the weight you like.
Weight loss does vary but on average a person can lose up to twenty percent of their body weight in a year. If you are to a point where you feel like surgery is the only answer, then you should go for it but only if you are qualified for it. You must have a BMI over forty, so please keep this in mind as a last resort.

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