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Is Your Weight Killing You?

male doctor holding rx paper in handOne of the major misconceptions associated with gaining weight, is that the terrible end result, is becoming obese. The truth of the matter is, the fact that you could become obese if you don’t take control of your weight gain, is only the tip of the iceberg. Being overweight poses serious health risks that, more often than not, result in an untimely death.


Today we are going to share with you, the cold, hard facts about the price there is to pay for neglecting to take action to lose weight.

Health Risks Associated With Obesity

1. Heart Disease or Stoke

Being overweight causes you to be at a much higher risk for having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These health conditions make it all the more likely that you may develop heart disease, or experience a stroke.

However, this is avoidable. It has been proven that losing 5-10% of your weight will lower or reduce your odds of developing heart disease or a having a stroke.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

The majority of people who are currently suffering from type 2 diabetes are either overweight, or obese. You have the power to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by simply losing weight, making sure you eat a balanced diet, getting ample sleep, and exercising regularly.

Take these steps simple steps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

3. Cancer

Did you know that many cancers have been linked to obesity? Cancer of the colon, breasts (after menopause), endometrium, kidney, esophagus, gallbladder, ovaries, and pancreas, have all been associated with being over weight.

4. Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease, as well as gallstones, are more likely to occur in those who are overweight. However, losing weight too rapidly has also been linked to gallstones. Make it your mission to lose somewhere around one pound every week and you will be less likely to experience these issues.

5. Osteoarthritis

This is fairly common joint condition that most often will affect knees, hips, and backs. Extra weight caused by obesity, causes extra pressure on our joints which in turn, wears away the cartilage. Losing weight eases the stress on these joints, and could potentially lessen symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just an issue of appearance. Our weight, and the manner in which we treat our bodies impacts our health long term, and could potentially be lethal. It is important that we make it our mission to feed our bodies healthy, and balanced meals, in good proportion.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss in Orlando specializes in helping individuals meet their weight loss goals. We work with our clients to create a weight loss plan that works. We have assisted hundreds of men and women in losing weight and keeping it off. Are you interested in learning what Svelte can do for you? Contact us today to learn more!

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