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How To Avoid The Freshman 15

How to Avoid the Freshman 15 (Pounds, That Is)

There seems to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to entering into college freshman year. This trend is called the “Freshman 15”. The term “Freshman 15” refers to the weight gained during freshman year. This happens to many freshman college students that live on campus due to what they are offered in regards to food and of course because the cheapest food is almost always the most unhealthy. If not for that reason but they have a newly found freedom that allows them to eat more, drink more, and with hardly any exercise they can’t help but gain weight.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid all of the temptations but that comes with self awareness and self discipline.? Also, it is important that they learn to know and understand how their body processes the food and the changes that come with age. With age metabolism does change so while the student may have been able to eat as much as they would like when they were younger it does change when they get older. When they get into higher years, the students will learn how to take care of themselves better which will help them lose the weight they have gained.

Dodge the freshman 15 by having mini meals or tiny snacks every three hours. This will help to prevent overeating hence prevention of unhealthy weight gain. It does become a bit of a hard task to figure out how to eat healthy meals and actually keep up with exercising when there is such an intense schedule devoted to education, but it is completely possible to find the best way to do that for you specifically.

One way to avoid the weight gain is to actually look at what foods the dining hall provides. You could go get salad or you could find something that is not only a healthy choice but a more filling choice at that. It is important to consider the fatty extras and how much of them you pile on to your meals. Pick vegetables over the excessive cheese or meat. Keep in mind that even though their ranch dressing is absolutely delicious-it is also absolutely fatty!

When it comes to what is supposed to be on your dinner plate, there should be two thirds whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Don’t forget that you can ask questions when it comes to the meals. Maybe there is too much butter or cheese, you can ask for something with less butter or less cheese for example.

We all know that there is no way to avoid some fatty food along the way. If you want to enjoy pizza late at night, maybe get something like a salad so that you fill up on salad and don’t eat too many slices of that fatty pizza. If you want to drink at night, don’t skip over meals to control your calorie and fat intake. Eat your meals so that alcohol doesn’t affect you more causing the need to overeat preventing the counter productiveness of not eating and then drinking.

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