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How Not To Lose Weight

How Not to Lose Weight!

You’ve probably heard the old saying about being your own worst enemy, and this often holds true for weight loss programs. There are a number of things to avoid when you’re either thinking about or even as you go about your own goals- and, sometimes, we don’t even see these things we do that self-defeat. Below is a list of the most common things that people do that hinder even the best of weight loss programs.

The big promises didn’t pan out for me. If you’ll have a look at the bottom of the screen in most of those commercials- it reads, “Results not typical”. There’s a reason for that. Chances are good if you are expecting to drop a large amount of weight in a very short amount of time- it’s either untrue, or it’s not being done in a healthy way. Either way, this is a common set up for failure. Anticipating vast results quickly is usually a sure fire way to be disappointed in a weight loss plan.

Slipped up, gave up. Just because you have a donut during the first week of your diet, does not mean the whole thing is derailed. As a matter of fact, feeling deprived is another one of the big problems with most diet plans. If you do break your diet- don’t worry about it so much. You’re not being graded, and you’re not going to instantly be unable to lose weight because of one or two slips. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up, consider perhaps allowing yourself a little time to adjust to the lifestyle changes. All too often, people just do not realize that weight loss is a big, overall lifestyle change- and as such, you should allow yourself some time to adjust, but don’t give up.

Stopped losing at a certain weight- or “plateaued”. This is actually very common in weight loss plans, especially in those that incorporate physical activity. As the body begins to convert fat to muscle mass, you may find that you stay the same weight or even gain. This is not cause for alarm- it is a good sign. Healthy muscle mass weighs more than fat.

Lost weight, but could not keep it off, or yo-yo dieting. If you find yourself in a pattern of behavior that leads to extreme weight loss, followed by weight gain and back- you may have a bigger problem. Yo-yo dieting is extremely hard on the body and as great as you may feel about the weight loss, the emotional roller coaster yo-yo dieting can get you on isn’t good for you, either. Consider instead finding one healthy, balanced diet coupled with a physical routine that works for you and stick to it, as opposed to trying several.

These are just a few of the more common mistakes and pitfalls in dieting. Understanding first and foremost that this is usually a major lifestyle change can help. With any change, you’re bound to have a period of time adjusting.

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