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How Eating at Home is Making You Fat!

Is Eating At Home Making You Fat?

The average person does not have time every day, or even every week, to plan out all of the dinners they plan to prepare for their family. We live in a go go go! type of society which means: wake up, take a shower, throw an outfit together, get the kids ready, get everyone in the car, drop the kids of at school, go to work, get off of work, cook dinner, clean the house, go to bed.

This type of lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to the family who is trying to start living a healthier lifestyle. We simply don’t have time to sit around and make lists of food, and prep meals, and all of that stuff.

As a result of our lack of time, we wind up grabbing whatever we can find in the pantry, throwing it together and calling it a meal. This is an easy way to pack on pounds without realizing it. Pasta, rice, goulash, whatever it is that you go to when there’s nothing else, is more than likely on the unhealthy side.

The Solution

There is a simple solution to this issue. No longer will you have to desperately search through the cupboards on a week night when you didn’t have time to plan dinner.

It’s called…the dinner deck!

What is the dinner deck, you ask? The dinner deck is a virtually a handful of note cards with easy and healthy dinner recipes written on them.

By creating the dinner deck, you will avoid situations where you have to serve your family and yourself unhealthy foods.

Tips For Your Dinner Deck

  • It’s best to have at least ten recipes in your deck in order to keep your dinner options from getting boring.
  • Choose recipes with fewer ingredients to keep yourself from making runs to the grocery store.
  • Choose recipes made from things you typically keep stocked in the kitchen.
  • Let your kids pick the dinner recipe to keep them involved and happy.
  • Laminate the recipes to keep them from getting destroyed while cooking
  • Choose recipes from a couple different food cultures. Ex: Asian, American, Italian, Greek

Last minute dinner decisions don’t have to be boring or bad for your health. With the dinner deck at hand, you can keep your whole family satisfied and on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Have you set the standards for a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family? Check out the Svelte Medical Weight Loss Blog to learn more tips and tricks on how you can stick to your lifestyle choices.

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