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Hormone Pellet Treatment For Low Libido in Orlando, FL

Our level of sex drive fluctuates throughout our lives. Whether you’re a male or a female, you may find that your sexual desire decreases with age. If you ignore it, this loss of libido may lead to a lack of intimacy in your life. Besides, when it lasts for too long, this lack of sexual appetite is a sign of a hormone imbalance, especially if it occurs in your middle age years. This can have a negative impact on your relationships, on your happiness level and on your quality of life. Men’s and women’s libidos can be restored by maintaining the proper levels of testosterone and estrogen. When these hormones are properly balanced, people feel a need for intimacy and for satisfactory relationships. This means that you need to restore the balance of your hormones in order to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life again.

What Is Hormone Pellet Remedy For Low Libido?

BioTE is a special treatment that fights hormone imbalance. When the normal balance is restored, sexual desire returns, as well as the physical ability to have a proper intercourse. Moreover, when your hormone are balanced, you enjoy a better quality sleep, which translates into more energy to lead an active life. The result is that you lose weight, you have more energy to reach your goals, and ultimately you experience a higher libido.

How Does This Therapy Work?

Both men and women have a certain dose of testosterone in their body. This hormone is responsible for their libido. When testosterone levels are lower than normal, individuals experience a loss of libido. Unfortunately, as we age, our testosterone levels gradually drop. You can check your levels by asking your doctor for a blood test. Women have an extra benefit when taking BioTE, which is the alleviation of intercourse pains caused by the thinning of the vaginal walls. The right estrogen and testosterone levels help preventing vaginal dryness, thus leading to an increased libido.
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