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Read This About Orlando, Florida Hormone Pellet Therapies For Insomnia

Menopause and perimenopause in women and andropause in men all can cause things like insomnia, due to the hormone imbalances. A vicious cycle starts up that degrades the original hormonal imbalance further, and the insomnia can also get compounded from other factors or causes such as poor dietary habits, adrenal fatigue, and chronic stress. Insomnia is something that worsens the very symptoms of the andropause, menopause, or perimenopause that causes it, since the human body has to sleep well and enough if hormones are going to do their jobs appropriately. Sleep is critical to a body repairing itself, and low-caliber sleep predisposes people to aging at an accelerated rate. Morbidity can even rise, thanks to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Insomnia left untreated can turn into a chronic sleep problem.

What Are Hormone Pellet Therapies For Cases of Insomnia?

BioTE hormone pellet therapies are treatments intended to fight off any hormonal imbalance that might be a contributing factor to issues of insomnia and sleep management. It resolves fluctuations in hormones that are known to interrupt sleep and instigate longer-term sleep complications. Waning levels of hormones might make a person increasingly susceptible to environmental factors and stressors that interrupt sleep.

Just How Do Hormone Pellet Therapies Work For Cases Of Insomnia?

BioTE hormone pellet therapies contain both testosterone and estrogen that replicate the human body’s optimum levels of hormones using natural, plant-sourced hormones. Estrogen is a hormone that maintains sleep health, and estrogen deficiency often happens in menopause or perimenopause when the body isn’t making enough on its own. As a result, a woman is no longer able to get a good night’s sleep. Even a decrease in testosterone can be problematic for women, given that it’s a hormone linked with sleep apnea and snoring. Hormone pellet therapy means that pellets which have these hormones are put under the patient’s skin, so that they are able to steadily release small hormonal doses over time for therapeutic effects. BioTE hormone pellet therapies provide a sustainable source of hormones all through a person’s day for up to three, four, or five months. Restoration of critical hormones leads to enhanced sleep quality and refreshing rest which boosts the mental and physical wellness of a person. Request Additional Information Regarding Hormone Pellet Therapies For Your Insomnia Now BioTe hormone pellet therapies are effective, safe treatment options that have seen use for generations. If you want more information regarding this, contact us today.
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