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Healthy Breakfast Foods You Can Eat on the Go

Dollarphotoclub_63809870 copyFor most people, the mission of the morning isn’t to create a delicious and healthy breakfast for your family to sit down and enjoy together. We are on a strict schedule, and are lucky if we have time to finish putting on our makeup before we have to rush out the door. The unfortunate fact is that breakfast just so happens to be the most important meal of the day. Skipping it because we don’t have enough time to prepare food is a terrible idea. This will lead to us lacking focus, running out of energy, and not being as successful during the day as we could be.

In an effort to promote healthy and successful days for you and your family, we are going to provide you with a cheat sheet of sorts. A list of foods you and yours can eat on the way to school / work.

What to Eat?

Choosing two or three of the items from this list will provide you with a highly nutritious start to your day.

1. Trail Mix

This doesn’t have to be the store bought, prepackaged trail mix with the little M&M’s in it. Simply add a few different types of nuts that you have around your house to a sandwich bag. Throw in prunes, raisins, or other dried fruits to give that extra kick of health.

2. Yogurt

Single servings of plain greek yogurt are wonderful to keep in the house. Pop a couple of these open in the morning, add fruit and honey (or whatever you prefer) and your kids will have something delicious to eat on the way to school. However, we do recommend that you give your children towels/napkins, as this has the ability to be a messy option.

3. Fruits

The majority of fruits are pretty travel friendly. Apples, oranges, berries, bananas, these are some of the best for travel. One fruit wouldn’t be enough to keep the stomach from growling throughout the day so you will want to bring a few fruits, and another on the go item for sure. To add to the deliciousness of fruit, and to make them more filling, bring a small container of peanut butter.

4. Toast / Bagels

Whole grain toast or bagels are very easy to bring along, and may be a little more filling than some of the other options. Simply pop them in the toaster when it’s almost time to go, smear a little peanut butter on top, and you’re good to go.

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