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Healthier Breakfasts

Make Breakfasts Healthier

We all know that in a weight loss program, breakfast becomes even more important as it will stave off hunger and prevent mid morning snacking. However, there are some right ways to do breakfast and there are ways that can derail your weight loss plans for the day before they even begin. Here are a few great ways to make sure that your breakfast is as healthy as it should be and that it doesn’t cause problems for your weight loss plans.

Don’t overdo the juice- yes, juice is one of the most healthy things you can drink when you’re on a weight loss plan however, it too contains calories. Healthy as they may be, those calories can add up very quickly. Better alternatives are to simply eat the fruit that you would be drinking, or to have a big glass of water prior to every 8 ounces of juice you drink. You’ll fill up faster and hydrate yourself at the same time. Juice has another downfall- it can cause your blood sugar to elevate and this promotes an insulin response in stimulating your appetite. So, one or two small cups, at best is probably fine.

Never, ever go to the drive through. Donuts and even so called healthy breakfast choices at the drive through should not even be on your radar. Instead, opt for healthier and less expensive at home breakfasts like whole grain toast and bagels or a bowl of unsweetened cereal with fruit. Think healthy, rather than convenient, and realize that those high fat quick picks also do nothing for your energy level, let alone your weight loss plan.

If you must have breakfast at a restaurant, there are a few key things to remember- if you want breakfast meat alongside your eggs, go for Canadian bacon instead of sausage or strip bacon. Say no to the sides- hash browns and home fries are mostly empty calories which won’t do much for your energy level, but can derail a good diet plan very quickly. Also remember that it is okay to ask for substitutions and most restaurants have no problems letting you substitute whole eggs for just the whites.

Go for all fruit instead of jams. All fruit jellies and spreads are a wonderful sweet treat that doesn’t really pack a huge caloric punch. In addition, if you skip the margarine or butter and simply use the spread it can be a tasty way to cut more calories while still enjoying a breakfast that will give you some get up and go.

Egg white omelettes are awesome. If you are looking for a bigger breakfast that still tastes like a heavy calorie number without being so, egg white omelettes are a great choice. Pile them full of low fat cheeses and fresh veggies for an additionally nutritious power breakfast alongside whole wheat toast. There are many variations you can choose from with omelettes, so you aren’t likely to get bored any time soon.

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