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Estrogen Pellet Hormone Therapy

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Effective Hormone Therapy With Estrogen Pellets in Orlando, FL

There is no denying that estrogen is a vital hormone, and it’s responsible for so much throughout the body. It’s also a sad truth that so many women experience a hormone imbalance at some point in their lives, which is either caused by a lack or abundance of estrogen. The side-effects will show in many ways. For example, there might be a sudden and dramatic change in weight or excessive emotional stress. Other symptoms include sore breasts and irregular bleeding. Needless to say, these side-effects can make life incredibly difficult. The good news is that an imbalance can be treated, and the solution can be found in Estrogen Pellet Therapy.

Some Perspective On Estrogen Pellet Therapy

The specific goal of Estrogen Pellet Therapy is to restore the body’s estrogen level. Seeing as estrogen is responsible for more than four hundred functions within the body, including the regulation of secondary sexual characteristics, there needs to be a healthy dose in circulation.

It’s common knowledge that women produce a lot more estrogen than men, and it’s also the reason why women are more prone to suffer from an imbalance. Adding on to the side-effects and symptoms, here is a list of what’s associated with a hormonal imbalance.

– Unexplained hot flashes
– Depression and drastic mood swings
– The inability to feel sexually aroused
– Migraines and headaches
– Collagen and bone loss
– Cycles of anxiety

The reason why these things occur due to an imbalance, is because estrogen directly influences dopamine and serotonin. The former is the chemical that makes people feel good and happy. The latter is essential for getting enough sleep. Menopause and perimenopause are typically linked with dropping levels of estrogen.

The Practical Side Of Estrogen Pellet Therapy

To fully understand how it works, it’s important to know a little more detail regarding the hormone itself. There are three types of estrogen inside the body, namely estrone, estradiol and estriol.

Each one of these has a different purpose, although esradiol becomes the focus point for Estrogen Pellet Therapy. Esradiol represents the most powerful form of estrogen among the three, which is why it’s the main ingredient.

The therapy is a very simple process of using estrogen (identical to those found in the body) and restoring the balance. There are several other options available in terms of getting the estrogen where it needs to be, for instances patches and pills.

Pellets are used because:

– The production time is faster and it lasts longer than patches
– Pellets contain more than twice the estrogen levels than patches
– Most other methods usually come with nasty side-effects, such as vomiting, strokes and even blood clots

By choosing the Pellet Therapy you’ll be choosing a more reliable, efficient, safer and more comfortable way of fighting the imbalance. We offer this special therapy to all women struggling with this problem, so call now and let us help you get your life back on track.

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