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  • Weight Loss Clinic Dr. Phillips

    Svelte MD is proud to be a part of the Dr. Phillips community

    Svelte's Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Dr. Phillips provides medically supervised weight loss programs and strategies you need so you can lose weight with NO Surgery! No Hormones! No Starvation!   Svelte Medical Weight Loss focuses on insulin stability levels. We are able to help our patients achieve this goal by directing them to eat foods that won't spike your insulin level. When insulin levels are low, fat is burned instead of sugar and hunger is controlled.

    The Dr. Phillips community and surrounding areas

    The Dr. Phillips community was founded by citrus magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips. Dr. Phillips was appreciated as one of the leaders among citrus business people, establishing the area to produce orange juice (processing and manufacturing) in 1920. He was able to push into the surrounding acres of land that was made available. This included the areas near Sand Lake Hills, Orange Tree, Bay Hill, Turkey Lane Park, and Clubhouse Estates. Dr. Phillips felt this area was the ideal location to maximize his production setup and enjoy the beautiful setting for all that it had to offer and adding innovations to the world of orange juice that had never been seen before.

    If you're interested in Dr. Phillips medical weight losscontact the professionals at Svelte today! We'll be happy to set you up with a customized program that will leave you happy and healthy!