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Diet Clinics: What You Need to Know

What Diet Clinics Do and Don’t Do

For every ten people looking to lose weight in the United States, there’s probably a diet clinic to accompany them. With this ratio in mind, it can be tricky to understand exactly what a diet clinic does. Choosing to frequent a weight management clinic is an important decision, but also a scary one given some of the horror stories people have told. To help you understand the weight loss industry, we’ve put together a helpful primer.


What Do Diet Clinics Do?

The term “diet clinic” can be deceptive. On one hand, they all have the same goal in mind: to help patients lose weight. However, every specialist has his/her own method for achieving these results. Some provide minimal care that relies entirely on the distribution of diet pills to their patients, while others provide more intensive aid. The latter tend to provide better, longer lasting results given how hands-on their programs are.

While it is true that both offer results, clinics that offer programs that focus on behavior modification above medication are not only longer lasting, but they are also healthier for patients. This is because they take the time to meet with each patient, and then tailor strategies specifically for said patient. These programs will offer anything from meal plans to behavioral counseling, merely using appetite medication as a means to supplement their regimens.


What Most Diet Clinics Don’t Do.

This is where the difference in clinics really becomes apparent. While almost all diet clinics provide patients with weight loss ranging from the mild to the dramatic, the difference lies in how long this weight loss lasts.

There are several diets physicians will put patients on, and some of them provide temporary results at best. This is due in part to the effect pill-based diets have on the body. They essentially cause patients to suffer reduced appetites to the point of near-starvation, and while this does result in dramatic weight loss the patient is likely to overindulge once leaving the program.

The issue with these pill-based diets is that the physicians never take the time to speak with the patient about moderating his/her lifestyle. As such, the patient takes a pill and goes on auto-pilot — never taking the time to dedicate himself/herself to getting into a routine of exercise, healthy eating, and making good life choices. If their behaviors are not modified while on the program, there is little chance they will behave any differently after the program.

This is why it is important to pick a diet clinic that provides a more provisional service. Along with appetite medication, they will also recommend diet plans, as well as discuss and promote changes in behavior that lead to living a healthier life.


How to Find the Right Diet Clinic

The best tool you have is the Internet. Researching any topic has never been easier, thanks to websites and forums that provide testimonials from patients who have tried numerous programs. As a matter of fact, most diet clinics with any respectability are likely to have their own web sites.

Do yourself a favor and investigate each clinic you’re considering. Make use of on-site FAQs, read their patient testimonials, and contact the office with any questions pertaining to their programs. The information you find will be your greatest means for identifying a pill dispensary from a reputable diet clinic.


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