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Chocolate Museum and Café

Indulge, at the Chocolate Museum and Café

Chocolate Museum and Café in Orlando, Florida

11701 International Drive Suite 400, Orlando 32821


Chocolate! Who doesn’t love it?!

And what’s not to love about a museum and a café dedicated to chocolate?

On International Drive in Orlando, the Chocolate Museum & Café makes available information about chocolate and its history, tasting opportunities, café drinks and treats, and special events.

Did you know that chocolate has been around for centuries and was savored through the ages by Mayans, Aztecs, Spanish explorers, monks, and royalty across the globe?

Did you know that chocolate comes from the cacao bean, which grows in clumps on stalks inside thick pods?

Did you know that those pods, which grow on cacao trees, must be split apart and the beans removed and dried and crushed?

It’s just the beginning of the chocolate making process, the story of which is presented at the Chocolate Museum. (Further into the process is when other ingredients are added, included sugars and creams, to make the product that we buy in packages at the grocery store.)

The Chocolate Museum includes exhibits on how chocolate is made, the equipment required to make it, and where the beans come from.

The Sculpture Area at the museum features 25 solid chocolate sculptures of world landmarks (i.e. the Eiffel Tower and Mount Rushmore) and famous world figures (Ghenghis Khan).

The Chocolate Museum tours take visitors through a short presentation, exploration of the exhibit area and sculpture area, and the tasting room.

In the tasting room, visitors get to sample some of the finest chocolates in the world (Valrhona, Amedei, Zotter, Dolfin, Jcoco, Butlers, Café Tasse, and more).

The Chocolate Museum & Café is also an event site, where you can book corporate meetings, private functions, birthday parties, etc.

In the Café, you can enjoy coffees, hot chocolate, gelato and milkshakes, croissants, pastries, paninis, and house specialties: quiche, cheese platter, caprese salad, and chocolate fondue.

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The Details

Location: 11701 International Drive Suite 400, Orlando 32821

Phone: 407.778.4871

Hours: 11-7 Mon-Fri; 10:30-7 Sat & Sun

Museum Tickets: Adults $16.95, Children $12.95, Kids under 4 Free

Tour: on the hour; 45-60 mins long; last tour at 7


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