Orlando Biote Reviews and Patient Testimonials

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At Svelte we believe that one of the best ways to determine if a product is right for you is to review what others have experienced.

The BioTE® Reviews below are from Orlando patients who have had BioTE® bioidentical hormone optimization pellets.

To protect patient privacy we have changed certain identifiers.

Please contact us to find out how BioTE® pellets might be able help you.
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biote review orlando fl patient testiomonial
My experience with BioTE is as follows: -Better and more regular sleep -I generally feel better (overall wellness) -More energetic -Increased muscle tone -Increased libido -Less mood swings -R. Orlando, FL
woman biote review orlando patient testimonial
Hello, I’d love to share with you my experience with the BioTe. Its was WONDERFUL! ! Your staff, especially Tina have been professional, helpful, smiling faces, just a pleasure to be there. I’m on my 2nd round of having my pellets implanted, had no discomfort whatsoever. Dr. Bragg I have recommended my friends to you, and of course my husband has made an appointment for his pellets as well. I’m extremely happy. Regards, -Janice (Orlando, FL)
woman biote review orlando patient testimonial
orlando biote reviews

I started BioTE in January 2018 and it’s been amazing. It’s literally given me back my youth. I have energy, focus, I’m not crabby all the time, I have my sex drive back. I couldn’t be happier. I even referred a good friend who is also very happy but even more importantly, my husband went in and also got pelleted. It’s made such a difference in him as well. We will definitely continue with BioTE. Thank you, -Mica

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