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BioTE and Weight Loss – What Can You Expect?

Almost everyone over 40 is familiar with the “middle-age weight gain,” the excess weight which seems to show up overnight and you can’t get rid of no matter how much you diet or exercise.

Weight gain isn’t the only problem associated with middle age, andropause and peri-menopause.

People may also experience depression or other psychological setbacks.

Many men and women can benefit from hormonal pellets for weight loss in combination with the proper medical guidance and coaching.

Do BioTE® pellets help with weight loss?

BioTE hormone pellets are proven to be effective for reversing some of the middle age problems you may be experiencing and may help you lose fat.

Hormones are useful for maintaining an optimum level of weight. The drug has numerous other benefits, including the ability for people to stay healthy and gain weight (lean body mass) with bioTE® and a potential corresponding decrease in blood pressure.

Not only that, a good workout can increase mental acuity and help you improve your weight loss habits.

Side effects may also include hair loss, acne, tenderness of the breasts, or weight gain. These could arise due in part due to hormone replacement or estrogen adjusting.

What is the best hormonal imbalance treatment?

Despite the use of synthetic hormone substitute therapy for treating hormonal imbalances; for the right patients, Dr. Bragg prefers the safer alternative bioidentical hormone replacement therapy bhrt (think of it as hormone optimization rather than replacement) – Biote® pellets. BHRT has a plant component that mimics the body’s normal hormone production.

This provides a quicker absorption as well as better symptom prevention.

A separate BioTE pellet delivery technology combines hormone delivery to provide a constant dosage so patients don’t experience sudden changes in their symptoms.

Work With Experts

Our Svelte Weight Loss team has extensive knowledge on BioTE®, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and what to expect in terms of lean muscle mass weight gain.

We work hard to help you to make an informed decision about any weight loss challenge.

Please notify your family doctor before you start any hormone treatment.

Can hormone replacement and pellet therapy cause weight gain?

Metabolism is a physiological process heavily affected by hormone levels.

The hormone levels in humans are elevated and can be dangerous if they have excess. Radical, non-controlled hormone substitution may also cause weight changes.

Weight gain as the side effect of BHRT are typically caused by abruptly changing hormone concentrations, an inappropriate dose of hormones, or other factors.

When hormone levels are reached in a normal way a person can return to normal body weight.

How does bioidentical hormone therapy help with weight loss?

In older and heavier people hormone levels (cortisol) may increase as a result of age, lifestyle and stress.

While hormone problems typically occur during your 40-50 age range, there is a chance that hormonal imbalance can develop sooner.

Symptoms may appear subtle and you might blame the stress and age, but you’ve already lost weight and become tired. Our expert team will explain the effects of hormonal imbalance on body weight loss.

Regain control of your weight, health, and happiness with BioTE hormone replacement therapy in Orlando, FL

Being hormonally imbalanced is incredibly detrimental and can negatively impact your quality of life.

The frustrating effects of unbalanced hormone levels appear nearly unending. Call Svelte MD today to set up a consultation with top wellness expert, Dr.Bragg. Please contact our clinic today.

Does BioTE help with weight loss?

BioTE can help reduce abdominal fat, and overall body fat (stomach weight), although it is often indirectly related.

BioTE hormone replacement therapy can also be used for weight loss as well as physical activity.

When you have optimized testosterone levels, you will likely have more energy to workout, exercise, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and develop a healthier body composition.

How long does it take to lose weight with BioTE?

The majority of cases report symptom relief within two to three days, while full optimization can take up to six months.

Depending on your physician your hormones should be tailored to your specific situation.

Can you lose weight with bioidentical hormones?

Energy losses due to ageing can increase weight gain for both men and women.

Bioidentical hormone therapy will bring hormone balance to the body and allow you to lose fat by increasing energy, sleep and energy.

Patients Often Comment: “I noticed an increase in clarity, energy, and body strength, with no adverse reactions”*

*while patients’ results vary, overall we have been impressed with what patients tell us in response to undergoing pellet therapy. See what others say about pellet therapy.

Tell me the signs of hormone imbalance?

Hormones naturally vary during different phases of your life, which may include puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, andropause and menopause.

External factors can have an impact as well.

Because hormones are important in regulation of numerous important physiologic systems imbalance, it’s important to consider their influence on your health.

Check out the commone symptoms.

If you are located in Florida, considering scheduling a visit with us. We can help you get on your way to losing weight.

Please take a moment to see our patient weight loss testimonials.

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