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Avoid the Munchies for Healthy Orlando Weight Loss

Avoid Those Weight-Loss Sabotaging Munchies!

There actually is simply one rule with regard to staying away from temptation. Plan in advance.

As an example, keep sliced vegetables and fruit available for snacking. If you become hungry when you are preparing dinner, munch on these instead of some potato chips or cookies. Take a baggie of them to work with you so that you will have them readily available for the journey home, or you may end up pulling into some fast food place and buying what you truly don’t need.

Maintain a food diary, and learn how to spot your emotional triggers. Everyone has triggers which can set us off into a feeding frenzy. When you journal, you will be able to stop what is sending you into this self-sabotage place.? After you have discovered it, you can do what’s required to prevent it. Stress-eating frequently plays a significant part in the derailment of healthy weight loss lifestyles.

Produce a strategy for coping with temptation. Give some thought to what your favorite dishes are, and prepare a batch, then freeze into individual servings. I’d recommend you do so when you’re not hungry, to ensure the food won’t tempt you. Now when temptation strikes, you’ll be able to defrost and eat a single serving and not blow your diet.

Two of the most damaging binges we can go on are feel good and sugar high binges. Feel good means we eat foods high in fat or sugar, which in turn releases endorphins or serotonin. Sugar high is when we binge on sugary foods and have a blood sugar ‘spike’. This is generally followed by a sugar low.

The bad news about both of these is when you get into the habit of creating either of the binge results, it’s quite difficult to get past it. It can be done, but it really takes significant amounts of self-discipline and hard work.

To begin with, you will definitely have to begin a regular exercise program. This helps your body to release the endorphins it used to during the binge. Next, eat natural sugars as present in fruits. If you haven’t heard it before, I’ll say it now; diets don’t work. Never have, never will. This needs to be a complete lifestyle modification. And in the event that you discover you are eating for reasons apart from hunger, you will want to take a critical look at that. If you do not, you’ll just fail repeatedly as your mind knows the food issues continue to be unresolved.

Celebrate your success. Set objectives and as soon as you’ve attained them, reward? yourself. If you are a reader, buy a book and write on the flyleaf  “To Me, in honor of 25 pounds lost” followed by the date. You can get a token engraved, just like alcoholics do for 30 days of sobriety. There are many things you can do to note the success, just give it some thought.

If you are not really a self-talker, now would be a great time for you to start. Go look in the mirror. Look yourself in the eye. Grin at yourself. Tell yourself you will do fine today, and only hold yourself responsible for today. And if you fail? Go look yourself in the mirror. Own it, and let it go. Tomorrow is another day.

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