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“Join Svelte today — with no upfront costs — so you can experience natural, healthy weight loss, completely risk-free.”

– Dr. Richard Bragg

Hi, I’d like to invite you to join Svelte… and since you’ve already paid an expensive up front membership with our competition, I’m inviting you to join our program and “make the switch” without any upfront fees.

And as you probably know, over 90% of our clients meet and maintain their Orlando weight loss goals – and enjoy a slimmer, sexier look for life – using the all natural, 100% safe “Svelte Method.”

Now it’s your turn.

All you have to do is pay the weekly fees (which you would be doing with our competition anyways) and you’ll lose weight faster and healthier with the Svelte Method.

Plus, if you refer a friend, we’ll also give them a credit for $50 for signing up… AND as a special thank you we’ll give you a $50 credit for the referral.

Call us at 407-352-9877 now to learn more about how the Svelte Method can help you with your Orlando weight loss today.

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