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7 Tips to Getting in Svelte Shape Now!

getting in svelte shape now
  • Start your day with protein! Research has proven that we want to wake our metabolism up in the morning with protein instead of sugar & here is why: Protein in the bloodstream stimulates fat burning in the liver where sugar only enhances fat production.


  • Drink that water! Drink at least half a gallon of water a day or more for Orlando weight loss. Cellular science shows us hydration is key to fat burning; the more water you drink, the better your blood stream and cells are hydrated, and the easier it is for fat to be transported to the liver for breakdown. So, drink up!


  • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. There are a couple of reasons for this: large meals tend to overwhelm your stomach, sending all your blood (& energy) to the digestive tract, slowing down your mind and definitely your fat burning ability. The larger one’s meal is, the larger their stomach stretches, making it harder and harder for the brain to receive the signal of fullness. Smaller, more frequent (say five or six) meals throughout the day also minimizes your chance of “rebound hunger”, a common syndrome in the American diet where depleted sugar in the blood triggers cravings related to roller coaster insulin swings. Keep your insulin level stable to decrease cravings and overeating.


  • Always eat dessert last. Never eat dessert first! Ever heard that saying “Eat dessert first”? Well, if you are trying to gain weight, go for it, but the truth is, dessert is only recommended after a meal. Here’s why: Once you begin to eat something, you awaken the G.I. tract and simultaneous, the endocrine system that regulates metabolism. The minute food enters the mouth, sensors in your G.I. tract detect the sugar content of the food to determine how much insulin is needed from the pancreas to deliver the sugar to the cells. When dessert is consumed first (or anything high carbohydrate for that matter), the pancreas responds by delivering a big dose of insulin to the blood stream to handle all that “sugar” coming in. This big dose of insulin tells your liver to burn sugar for energy and store fat. Later, the sugar levels in your blood are depleted, insulin remains moderate to even high, which triggers a craving for more sugar in your brain. You end up consuming more trying to chase down the insulin level and there is no way your liver will burn fat with this sugar burning influence happening. Conversely, when you start a meal with a balance of protein, healthy fats, and limited amount of healthy carbohydrate, no insulin surge is necessary; you don’t over eat, and cravings are not gnawing at you two hours later!


  • Avoid the following drinks:  soda, sugar-free sodas, Gatorade, juices, and coffee drinks that are high in corn syrup. Yep, you may think heading to the coffee shop in the afternoon for a sugar -ree pick me up is a perfectly benign treat. After all, the coffee shops cater to us with “skinny latte’s” don’t they?  Buyer beware:  skinny latte’s may have skim milk, but the sugar-free syrup used to sweeten this treat may be wreaking havoc with your metabolism. Here’s why: Most, if not all, sugar-free syrups contain one simple ingredient that can confuse your metabolism:  corn syrup! It’s true it may be a zero calorie corn syrup that has been scientifically engineered to be sugar-free, but to your sophisticated metabolic system, it occurs like a foreigner with no natural tendencies. So, how does the metabolism react?  Sugar-burning metabolism is triggered because the sugar-free syrup cannot be broken down into any useful energy, but can be stored in fat so your liver gets busy making more fat to deal with it. Same syndrome with diet sodas. However, aspartame is distinctly unrecognizable to your metabolic system, too, so sugar burn, sugar burn, sugar burn keeps going.


  • Wine, Beer, and Booze. Make a “Mocktail” instead when you want to get Svelte!  Mocktails can be any sparkling water or flavored water drink garnished with fresh fruit and served in a traditional highball, martini, or wine glass! Anytime you want to get into fat burning and shed a few pounds, it’s a good idea to skip the alcohol. Here’s why: White wines, the rose wines, the sparkling & champagne all have way too much sugar in them for a fat burning metabolism to work. Red wine is definitely less caloric, however, its consumption must be moderate or else you will end up overeating because alcohol affects perception and can cause cravings for food. Beer is just not a good choice when you want to get Svelte as it’s so full of carbohydrates that your are sure to end up craving more carbs as a result of the insulin roller coaster. Alcohol in any form will suppress an important hormone in your brain known as ADH. ADH or anti-diuretic hormone is a super critical blood component that keeps your kidneys from allowing all the blood to go out through the kidneys in the form of urine. Drink alcohol, your pee out a lot of your hydration. Hence headache hangovers. Dehydration leads to sugar burning; remember we must be hydrated to effectively burn fat!


  • Decrease inflammation in your body and burn fat more effectively! How do you decrease inflammation? First, by making healthy food choices without lots of preservatives, additives, or hormones in them. Second, avoid fried foods and  foods with high sugar and high carbohydrates like chips, fast foods, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Third, take a high grade, high-quality Fish Oil supplement daily. Orlando weight loss experts, Svelte, recommends Dr. Barry Sears Zone Omega Rx ultra-refined Omega-3 EPA/DHA Concentrate.*

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