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7 Fat-Burning Interval Exercises for Weight Loss

exercises for weight loss

7 Ways to Burn More Fat during your Work-out

Interval exercises provide a quick and effective workout, making them an important component to any exercise program. Svelte highly recommends fat-burning interval exercises for achieving your weight loss in Orlando. Here are seven to try out.

1) Fartlek: Fartlek, Swedish for “speed play”, is training that incorporates speed intervals in an unstructured format, allowing you to control the intensity and speed. Alternate between walking, jogging, and sprinting for any distance or length of time for 20 – 30 minutes.

2) Jumping Rope: Jumping rope is a high-impact, high-intensity exercise that burns a good amount of calories in a short period. For a half hour, jump rope for 3-5 minutes at a time, resting in between.

3) Plyometrics: Jump squats and lunges are two common and greatly effective forms of plyometrics exercises. Try alternating between 10-15 jump squats and 10-15 lunges (for each leg), with rests in between. Repeat for 3-5 rounds.

4) Swimming Intervals: Make swimming a high intensity, interval-based one by swimming two laps as quickly as you can, then taking a short rest. Continue alternating two laps at top speed with a brief rest period for 10 rounds (20 laps altogether).

5) Treadmill Interval Workout: Next time you’re dreading a boring treadmill workout, play around with the speed and incline levels, as well as duration of each variation, and you’ll get a great workout that keeps you motivated. For 30-45 minutes, combine running intervals that vary in speed based on your fitness level and, if you prefer, incline.

6) Walking Interval Workout: Kick up your walking program by doing 3-4 different strength interval exercises (for 30-60 seconds each) in between 30-60 second periods of fast walking, for a total of 20 minutes. Some great exercises to include are push-ups, burpees, squats, and planks.

7) Stationary Bike: Begin at a low-resistance for the first few minutes. Then increase the RPM to above 90 and continually increase the resistance one level every 30-60 seconds until you can no longer keep the RPM above 90.

Recover for a few minutes and repeat for one to three sets, depending on your fitness level. Have fun, being sure to properly warm up beforehand and cool down when you’re done.

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