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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Workout

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Enjoying Your Workout: 5 Ways to Make it Happen

There are a couple, vitally important factors to take into consideration when aiming to lose weight. These factors include your diet, and your exercise. Today we will be covering the latter of the two.

Exercise is a word that many of us don’t like to hear. We associate it with heat, being uncomfortable, feeling worn out and just complete unhappiness. However, if you are trying to meet your weight loss goals, exercise is a key component.

We don’t think exercise should be a punishment. In fact we know of a few trick that, when implemented, can even make your workout something you look forward to.

How to Enjoy Your Workout

We are going to share with you, a few different tricks that will lead to you enjoying your workout, and maybe even working out longer, and more frequently.

1. Listening to music

You may be thinking that this isn’t really much of a tip. You more than likely, already listen to music during your workout. However, did you know that time and time again it has been found that those who listen to music that uplifts them workout longer, experience less fatigue, and have a better overall mindset? So next time you are planning on going out for a jog, or lifting weight at the gym, create a playlist for yourself. It doesn’t have to be happy music, it doesn’t have to be high energy music, it just has to be your favorite music.

2. Don’t call it a workout

If you have a hard time persuading yourself to put on your athletic clothes and shoes, and walking out the door to go “workout” then stop calling it that. One of the best ways to start becoming a more active person is to simply go for walks outdoors. Make it a routine to go for a walk with your spouse before dinner. Studies have shown that those who get active before eating, eat less because they feel full faster. Give this a try. Before you know it you’ll be lacing up your shoes and going for a run just for fun.

3. Set attainable goals that cause you to strive

The key to setting goals, is not to expect too little of yourself, or too much of yourself. If it’s your first time going for a jog in 5 years, don’t set the goal of running 5 miles. Instead run until you feel exhausted, and then run one more lap. Pushing yourself past your comfort zone is important. It’s also important that you not set the bar too low. For instance, one lap around the block may be too easy for you. Therefore you may not see results.

4. Do it in good company 

By this we mean, if taking your spouse, your friend, your sister, or your child with you makes the time more enjoyable, then do it! Many times you will find that bringing someone along for walk causes you to walk for a longer amount of time, as you get caught up in conversation.

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