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5 Myths About Weight Loss

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Don’t Believe These 5 Weight Loss Myths

The majority of America’s population is aiming to lose some amount of weight. For some, the number of pounds they are trying to lose is high than others. Regardless of how much or how little you are aiming to lose, there is one thing we all have in common. Our susceptibility to the lies of marketers.

There are hundreds of weight loss programs available that are pushing their opinions of people like you, who feel dissatisfied with the condition of your body. Today we are going to dispel a number of weight loss myths that have been made up by “experts”.

The Truth About Weight Loss

1. Losing more than two pounds per week is bad

Many of today’s weight loss experts claim that losing more than two pounds a week is a bad thing. However, the facts tell us that those who lose more than two pounds a week were more likely to keep the weight off, and meet their goal weights with confidence. Every body has different needs, so as long as you are listening to your body, eating healthy, getting the proper amount of calories in every day, and exercising, you should go with the pace of your own body.

2. You need to set a “reasonable” weight loss goal

The fact of the matter is, this just isn’t true. In fact, setting wild weight loss goals like losing a hundred pounds (if that is what you need to do in order to not be over weight), often drives people to become overly ambitious! We begin to think out of the box and are more dedicated to becoming healthy.

3. P.E. prevents childhood obesity

False. Anyone who has ever had a P.E. class can attest to the fact that, once the instructor has finally taken roll, the children have dressed out, and activities are organized, there just isn’t a significant amount of time left. It is important that children are engaged in physical activity outside of their school gym class.

4. Don’t weigh in

Some experts claim that stepping on a scale every day is a bad idea, as weight easily fluctuates from one day to the next. However, studies have shown, that those do hop on the scale on a day to day basis are more likely to meet their weight loss goals in a timely manner.

5. Living in a food desert will make you fat

Scientists have named areas where fresh fruits, vegetables and meats aren’t readily available, food deserts. Many people believe that moving to these areas solidifies your fate, you will be fat. However, research has shown that those who live in food deserts are not more overweight than those of other areas, and those who have an ample supply of fresh foods are not more likely to be a healthy weight.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss

So you see, you can’t always believe everything you hear. There are a million and one factors that play a part in your weight, and the number one factor is you. Are you struggling to achieve a healthy weight? Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center of Orlando specializes in helping men and women lose weight and keep it off. Contact us today to learn more, and be on your way to a happier, healthier you.

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