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5 Mindsets That Ruin Weight Loss Progress

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5 Misconceptions that Kill Weight Loss Progress

Arriving at a point where you are taking action to lose weight is a huge accomplishment. Many people say they need to start working out, or start eating healthier, and stop there.

However, along with this accomplishment, must come a new way of thinking. If you are under the impression that healthy foods are not rewarding, but merely disciplinary, you are going to struggle.

Common Misconceptions

There are a few different mindsets that are not conducive to weight loss, both long and short term. We are going to talk address a few that we see a lot of.

1. Junk food is a reward

After days of dieting, there may be nothing you want more than a glazed donut or a bag of chips. You’ve worked very hard so you deserve to reward yourself…This is where your mindset comes into play. Junk foods are in no way, shape, or form “rewarding”. They have a number of terrible health qualities and they cause you to gain weight. Healthy food is a reward for your body. Your body likes healthy foods and it needs healthy foods. D

2. Dieting

If you are trying to lose weight so you have decided to go on a “diet”, you might have a few struggles. A diet only lasts a week, a month or maybe even a couple months. You need to make a lifestyle change. You have to make the decision week after week to continue to treat your body well until eventually, it becomes second nature.

3. You deserve a cheat day

You deserve not to have a cheat day. If you are doing so well with your new healthy lifestyle change that you haven’t slipped up, then you deserve nothing more than to keep plugging away. After all, a cheat day is just going to make it hard for you to continue to resist bad foods.

4. Healthy foods don’t taste as good

This is a common mistruth. When we think healthy, we think bland. The truth is, with the right seasonings and correct preparation, your healthy foods will be tasting as good, if not better than, the unhealthy foods you used to prepare. It’s all about finding the right recipe.

5. One bad thing per day is fine

We have heard this one hundred and one times, in one hundred and one different ways. One bad food per day is fine. No, it’s not fine. This is your chance to make a complete 180 and start living a healthy lifestyle. Why continue to poison your body with foods laden with toxic chemicals?

Weight Loss and You

Are you trying to lose weight? Is it harder than you ever imagined it would be? This is a very common realization for people to come to, and that is exactly what Svelte Medical Weight Loss is here for.

Svelte is an Orlando based weight loss center with years of experience. The medical doctors at Svelte will meet with personally, asses your health situation and come up with a weight loss plan that works for your body. Are you ready to start losing weight fast? Are you ready to keep it off for good? Contact Svelte Medical Weight Loss of Orlando today!

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