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5 Foods That Cause Weight Gain

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Five Foods That Will Make You Gain Weight

There are thousands of foods that impact your body in a negative way, leading to weight gain, diseases and more. We are going to narrow down the list to a few of the most common, and the extent of their negative impact on the human body. After you learn what some of these foods are doing to your body, you will be rushing to the pantry to throw them away!

Worst Foods For Your Health

1. Potato chips – In a study conducted to find foods that cause the most amount of weight gain, potato chips were the number one offender. The average adult gains one pound per year, however, an adult who consumes potato chips on a regular basis would be gaining an average of 1.69 pounds per years, from chips alone. Next time you are looking for a quick snack, remember these numbers!

2. Refined grains (white rice, white bread, white pasta) – These types of food are basically just “fillers” in our diets. They have absolutely no nutritional value or fiber, yet we keep them around in order to feel full after a meal. There are many alternatives to these foods that will add to your overall health, as well as keeping away those extra pounds. Some examples would be quinoa and zucchini noodles.

3. Soda – Soda is constantly being linked to obesity. By cutting this out of you and your families diet, you will definitely be doing them, and yourself,  a favor. In a study, it was found that people who drink soda on a regular basis gain an average of one pound per year. Think about that. If you are in your twenties and you drink soda, that would mean that by the time you turn forty, you will have gained twenty more pounds from soda alone.

4. Processed meats – By processed meats, we are referencing foods like bacon, hot dogs and deli meats. These foods are all highly taxing on your overall health for a number of reasons. Consuming processed meats often results in heart disease, cancer and weight gain. One slice of processed deli meat contains 35 calories.

5. Unprocessed red meat – Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what red meat actually does to your body. Some say it can be beneficial, some say it’s detrimental. The fact is, regardless of what people think the possible health benefits could be, having too much red meat in your diet will easily result in a slew of health problems. From heart issues, to cancer, and let’s not forget obesity. That’s right. Too much red meat often leads to obesity. One 8 ounce steak contains over 300 calories.

Weight Loss Help

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