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10 Tips For Dining Out and Staying Healthy

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Did you know that American’s eat out about 4 times every week? We go out to eat on dates, to hang out with our friends, to celebrate birthdays, to take a break from cooking. It’s convenient, easy, and delicious, so why not eat out? The two main arguments against dining out are that we are going to overeat, or we are going to eat unhealthy foods. For someone who has decided to live a healthy lifestyle, learning that you can no longer dine out with friends can be a real bummer.

Today Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center of Orlando is going to share with you, a few tips on how to eat out with friends and loved ones, while remaining healthy.

How to Eat Out and Be Healthy

1. Check the Menu

For the most part, restaurants today have their menus online for you to view. Looking over the menu to see what healthy food options are available is a wise habit to get into. This will save you from that last minute choice that we often find ourselves making when the waiter comes around a little too early.

2. Request a Quiet Place to Sit

Something that restaurant owners know, but we typically don’t think of on our own, is that sitting in front of a window or TV leads to overeating. As we become distracted by what we are looking at, and stop paying attention to how much we are eating, our calorie intake goes up, and up.

3. Place Your Order First

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You decide you are going to order a nice healthy meal, your friend orders their food first and suddenly your healthy option doesn’t sound as appetizing. By the time the waiter comes around to you, you’ve changed your mind and decided to go with a less healthy option. We have all experienced this. A great way to avoid this is to order your food first.

4. Make Special Requests

When you’re ordering your food, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter how it’s cooked, or if you can make modifications. Opting for less butter, or for your food to be broiled rather than fried can have tremendous health benefits.

5. Choose an Appetizer

The vast majority of restaurants have ridiculously large serving sizes. Paying attention to this, is vital for staying healthy and not overeating. Many times restaurants have foods on their appetizer menu that would serve as a better option for an entree. Don’t be afraid to opt for a healthy appetizer rather than an unhealthy, super sized, entree.

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