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10 Surprises that Occur After Weight Loss

surprises that occur after weight loss

After Weight Loss: 10 Healthy Surprises

While the obvious advantages of losing weight, like feeling better and having your clothes fit more comfortably, are well known, there are numerous other surprising benefits that occur after weight loss. At Svelte, we believe sharing these other great “side effects” to weight loss are important in helping you achieve your Orlando weight loss goals.


  • You No Longer Dread Exercising: Once you lose a few pounds and get used to exercising regularly, working out becomes enjoyable. You’ll no longer have to force yourself to exercise. Instead, you’ll look forward to your next workout!
  • You Have More Energy: Without excess pounds weighing you down, you’ll have more natural energy. You may be surprised to find that you no longer need to rely on artificial energy boosters, such as coffee or soda, to keep you going.
  • You Crave Healthy Foods: When you eat whole foods as part of a regular diet, you’ll find that your body begins to crave them. And actually wanting nutritious foods makes it that much easier to eat healthy most of the time.
  • You Become a Healthy Role Model: When your spouse, children, other family members, and friends see that you’ve lost weight and are living a healthy lifestyle, they’ll be more likely to adopt those healthy habits for themselves.
  • You Enjoy Clothes Shopping: Even if you don’t love clothes shopping, it becomes much more convenient (and less stressful) when you’re able to find clothes in your size at most places.
  • Your Mind Becomes Sharper: Studies have shown that obese people tend to perform more poorly on cognitive functions, such as decision making, than those who are not overweight. When you lose weight, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your memory and ability to concentrate.
  • You Sleep Better: Obesity has been linked to sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to stop breathing for short periods of time throughout the night. Losing weight will help you breathe better and lead to improved quality of sleep.
  • You Don’t Stress About Little Things: When you have to worry about things, such as squeezing into an airplane seat, it adds so much more stress to life. After losing weight, you’ll experience the mental freedom that comes from not having to stress about these things anymore.
  • You Have Less Pain: With fewer pounds to carry around, your joints won’t have as much stress placed on them, and you’ll find you experience less pain as a result.
  • You’re Healthier Overall: After losing weight, you’ll find you get sick less often and your quality of life improves tremendously.


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