• For many, yo yo dieting is a way of life. Great periods of weight loss that have them riding high on reaching the goals they have set, followed by vast periods of lows where weight returns can sometimes lead to depression and worse. Sometimes, this is caused by getting caught in a cycle- at times, eating in very healthy ways, other times, binge eating and this all comes together in a recipe for disaster. Other times, this is the result of setbacks becoming more long term.Finding a great diet that you really feel makes sense and coupling it with a good level of physical activity, only to find that you have a slip up tends to be a common trait in yo yo dieting. The problem with that is- one slip does not have to derail your entire weight loss plan, but all too often it does. Finding ways around triggers that lead to backsliding is one of the things that many people do not think about prior to engaging in a weight loss plan- and one of the biggest reasons they find themselves caught in the unhealthy pattern of a yo yo dieter. Another issue is with fad dieting- it seems every six months a new miracle weight loss cure comes along, and people get hopeful, only to find that they still slip, even on the new diet. This is actually more normal than people realize.There are serious health risks to yo yo dieting. It’s easy to think that there aren’t- after all, many celebrities in this day and age experience vastly publicized weight gains and losses. It’s easy to see why people would find this to be normal, given that focus- but, it is neither normal nor is it healthy. For starters, yo yo dieting can lead to a shortened lifespan, diabetes, liver problems, loss of muscle, metabolic disorders, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and a number of other issues- and, many of those actually will cause the dieter to end up more overweight to say the least. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t really show those impacts, instead, sort of normalizing what is actually an incredibly unhealthy eating pattern. If you find that you have lost weight only to gain it back more than once or twice- you may have a yo yo dieting problem that you need to address before it causes you long term health related problems.The best way to counter yo yo dieting is by changing your lifestyle on the whole. If you think about weight in terms of the psychological aspects- the tie ins are obvious and something that most people just will not address. There is no real way to lose a great deal of weight without changing your life on the whole and addressing poor eating habits and activity levels and changing them for the better. However- this can often be much easier than people realize and lead them on a much healthier path to weight loss than yo yo dieting and embracing fad diets as they come along only to gain the weight back and then some.If you are looking to lose 20 pounds or more and are in the Windermere, Florida area you need to check out Svelte?Medical Weight Loss Clinic. 7009 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Suite 240. We have tons of reviews on Google and other third party review website from happy clients who have lost weight and kept it off.


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